Opus to Audio

For a tons of personal reasons I don’t use Whatsapp, I prefer Telegram instead but often I need to listen some audio files from Whatsapp that are in OPUS so to listen it I need to convert it, so boring, isn’t it? So I wrote a Telegram’s bot to convert it for me but better.

To write this bot I used Golang using the online-converter’s API.

You can find the source code on Github and you can try it forwarding an OPUS document to @opus2audiobot.

Pay attention, I used a free account to use online-convert’s API so I can convert only 30files per day so use it with moderation.

I want to create my own opus2audio bot

To do that you need to create a new bot and you need to create a new online-converter’s account in order to receive the API keys.

Then you have to add your keys in the source fill the costants BOTAPI and APICONVERTER.

Ok, now you have to resolve the dependencies (using glide or just go get) and BAM, build it with go build, run it and that’s all, your bot will be up and running.

To use it just forward an OPUS file, the bot will answer you with the equivalent voice file allows you to listen it on Telegram.