Using more than one device often I need to move some links or some datas from to another one, I need a simple and clean way to do that without logins, emails, codes and hard to remember links so I thought how to solve my problem using golang…

I made a simple side project named Glip.

Glip is made using Iris, a fast golang webframework and a SQLite database.


Use Glip is very simple, think about an unique URL which describe your links or yourself and visit it with your browser.

For example:


After that you can fill the textbox with your datas and save them with one click.


Now you can share your link or visit it in another device and your datas will be there waiting for you but be careful, once you visit your link, all datas store in it will be destroy without possibility to restore them making your_unique_beautiful_link available again to anyone.


You can find Glip here:

Obviously any kind of contributions are welcome!