Hacktoberfest 2017

Today I’ve got some swag from @github and @digitalocean for Hacktoberfest

What is “Hacktoberfest”

Hacktoberfest is a month-long celebration of open source software in partnership with Github

Hacktoberfest is open to everyone and involves any repos on Github, is a month-long event where everyone who wants to contribute to Open Source can have the opportunity to receive some swag due it by DigitalOcean and Github.


How does this work

To receive your prize you have to do at least 4 pull requests on Github, it doesn’t matter which project you want to help, any kind of project is good enough to be helped.

After 4 pull requests you’ll receive an email from DigitalOcean where you’ll be able to provide your address, your size and your gender.

Remember, you have only 1 Month to make some Pull Requests in order to receive your swag, between 1 and 31 October.

Some stats

You can check your status using tools like Hacktoberfest Checker, for example here my stats by the last year:


Visiting the Hacktoberfest official site you can find how much PRs has been done, the most popular day to contribute and much more!

Thanks for all the fish

Contribute to Open Source is on my opinion the most important thing you can do nowadays, it allows to you to learn from the best and to become one of them, it allows to you to help millions of people around the world with a pull request, it allows to you to promote yourself and to do networking, expanding it, it allows to contribute to many projects that you could use in the future, it allows to make the world a better place where to build amazing stuff and where to work.

Today is a big opportunity that not everyone can have, you can have the opportunity to work with people who works in Google, Amazon, Facebook, Netflix, etc. and learn from all of them, it is huge, doesn’t it? As a plus you can even receive swag and thanks for your help so why don’t do it? Let’s do some Pull Request and good Hacktoberfest to everyone!

Thanks again to @digitalocean and @github, see you in October for #Hacktoberfest2018!