One of the worst things that can be happens to a twitter user is surely to be unfollows but how to discover who unfollow you ? To solve this problem I create an ad-hoc offline and commandline tools to do that.

How does it work ?

It is wrote entirely in Go, it works using the Twitter’s API to obtain all followers of a particular account and then compare them with the local database, if a follower is missing the tool report it to you, also it reports to you if you have a new followers.


I named it Go-odbye, you can find it here, just clone it on your computer and compile it using the golang compiler.


To use Go-odbye first of all you need the right creds to use the Twitter’s API, to do that you have to create a new application on it, visit this link: https://apps.twitter.com, after that you will obtain 4 keys: Consumer key, Consumer secret key, Access token key and Access secret key. After you have been clone the repo git clone https://github.com/dlion/go-odbye ; cd go-odbye create a json configuration file on your $HOME directory named .goodbye.json using this structure:

  "consumerKey": "<CONSUMER KEY>",
  "consumerSecret": "<CONSUMER SECRET>",
  "accessToken": "<ACCESS TOKEN>",
  "accessSecret": "<ACCESS SECRET>"

and put in it your keys and save it, to run the tool you need to resolve some dependencies like go-twitter, oauth1, color and go-sqlite3, so type go get on your shell and after that you can run and use it. For example, to see all my [un]followers I have to type go run main.go -nick dlion92, here a possible output:


Obviously everything can be improved, in the future I could add to do analysis on followers or something else, who knows. If you have suggestions or just want to contribute you are welcome!