Workflowy, how to change a theme with an hack

I was advised about a nice site that allows to organize my thoughts using many hierarchical lists, every programmer should try it!

Here some examples:



it has many functionalities and looking around I see some settings I can change.


Woah, I can change the theme and the font. Good, that “white” was too much “white” for me; when I saw a “hacker” theme: black and green, so l337, I have to try it!

But for to do that I have to pay…

Local sweet Local

I found in the source the css file media/versioned/20130318210837/themes/desktop.default.css so using the developers tools I changed that with media/versioned/20130318210837/themes/desktop.hacker.css and TADAAN everything worked like a charm but I’m not even satisfied, I want to know more about it.

May the theme be with you

I tried to set a font and to sniff the request using Live HTTP headers, a firefox’s plugin and I saw this


To change the font, the page sent a simple font=serif parameter to the /change_settings route, very interesting! So I tried to reply a request sending theme=hacker as parameter and BAANG {"success": true} I’m in!


Checking if I’m a pro user it’s enough to fix it, I obviously I reported that to the admin.

Currently I don’t want to do else, it’s enough for me, I have my hacker theme setted and I’m happy now. :satisfied: